Omegle Similar Site - Free Roulette Text Chat with Strangers

Welcome to the one part of our site where you don't have to use webcams! Yep, that's right, you found the text-only page, although I guess that isn't 100% accurate, since you can send some things that aren't text, but I'll get to that in a moment. Anyway, this isn't a "normal" chat room situation, this is an Omegle similar site. In other words, we're talking 1-on-1 chat sessions, where you can click "next" (or in our case, "leave") and move along to the next randomly available user who also wants to do the same thing, and so on. This is pretty different from your typical chat room where there are a bunch of people in it all at once, chatting in more of a group format.

At any rate, the main point is that our roulette text chat is awesome, so there. But why is it awesome you ask? Well, I guess if I HAVE to tell you, which I don't...but I will anyway. First, we have the ability to upload and add images to your conversations. Yes, pictures, we got 'em. Does Omegle have that? No, they don't. So who is cooler now? We are, obviously. Secondly, we have something even better and far more important than some lame picture feature (just kidding, it's not lame, it's awesome, duh). We have...drum roll...SMILIES! Yea, like those little yellow things with various emotions displayed upon them - we have those. And everyone knows, that you just can't have a legit chat session without the use of emoticons / smilies, so, case closed - we win!

If at this point you are STILL wondering why we would even bother to build this website when there are already a gazillion sites like Omegle on the market, you sir, have not been paying attention. Let me recap for you: 1. Image Upload. 2. Emoticons. I mean seriously, those two extras are worth a lot, a super big lot, so stop being such an ignoramus! I should also add something else, which I forgot before, which is we also have free iPhone and Android apps - no big deal. What? Omegle only has iPhone? Yea, we cool, I know.

Alright, that about does it. If you have any questions...well, too bad. Just have some fun, and forget the questions, you should be chatting already!